iStunt 2

iStunt 2

Gravity-defying tilt controlled snowboarding


  • Crazy courses
  • Simple controls
  • Great graphics


  • Poor check points
  • Frustrating at times


iStunt 2 is a snowboarding tilt controlled 2D arcade game. Reality is thrown out, in favor of ridiculous gravity-defying courses to complete.

The simple stick-like graphics work well enough for iStunt 2, which is all about tilting your phone to keep your snowboarder upright, or spinning in the air to pull off tricks. There are touch controls for board grabs, crouching and jumps too. The grabs are optional, but crouches and grabs are sometimes necessary to complete courses.

The courses in iStunt 2 quickly get over the top. As well as enormous jumps, there are gravity reverse switches and even zero gravity zones. While this allows for some bizarre courses, sometimes the design doesn't quite work, and there are too many gimmicks in place of fun and speed.

When you die, iStunt 2 returns you to a check point. These check points seem to be placed a little randomly, meaning there are some really challenging and long parts that you have to complete in one go.

iStunt 2 is fun for a while, but is hardly a deep game and can get frustrating.

iStunt 2


iStunt 2

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